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Run by Mark and Kristy – we’re keen dog lovers and have knack for dog training. We’ve both got a great deal of background experience in dog training and both hold certifications in Dog Training.

Mark has Higher Distinction, Level 3 awards in Dog Training, Puppy and Dog First Aid Canine Psychology and in Canine Communication.

Kristy has Higher Distinction, Level 3 awards in Dog Training and Canine Nutrition.

At Aspenneo Dog Training we have trained a variety of breeds, including: Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, Great Dane, German Shepard, Belgian Shepherd, Collie, Husky, Poodle, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Yorkshire Terrier, Doberman, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, Miniature Schnauzer, Boxer, Mastiff, British Bulldog, Miniature Dachshund, Vizsla, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmation, Border Terrier, German Pinscher, Mutts and many more. We’re always looking for more dogs to take on for experience! 

We currently have a German Pinscher called ‘Ajax’, who you will recognise from some of the videos posted on our Facebook page.

We constantly post updates on our page regarding recent dog training videos and new services we offer – it’s a great place to get to know us, why not send us a message there today?

We look forward to working with your and your beloved pet – hoping to see you soon!

Meet our team

Find out a bit more about us and out love of dogs!

Mark Aspen

I grew up alongside 2 Golden Labradors, starting at the age of 13 (which was all the way back in 2002). Since then my love of dogs, and training them, has grown and grown. As I got older I always had it in mind to start a dog training company and see where things could lead. After a motorcycle accident, which left me with some minor injuries, I decided it was the right time.

Kristy Hutt

Growing up around dogs belonging to family and friends, I always got heavily involved in training from a very young age. After begging my parents for years, we got our first Border Terrier in 2005, when I was 10; and our second Border Terrier 2 years later. Despite working in a very different industry, my love of training animals is still great, especially when the situation is a little trickier than usual! Training deaf dogs to hand cues is a special interest of mine.

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